Board of Directors

Dick Odgers

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), along with the legal community and social justice advocates, mourn the passing of our dear colleague, Dick Odgers. We had the privilege of his support and service on our Board of Directors since 2002. Not only was he key to the success of the ILRC, he was, in the words and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “a drum major for justice.” He was passionate in his support of immigrants and civil liberties, and cared deeply about the quality of legal services available to low-income people and others who are new to our country. He matched his passion with a keen strategic sense of how to get things done, and was indefatigable and inspiring in his work with his fellow board members and ILRC staff to help us turn our goals into reality. We will always remember him for his profound dedication to improving the lives of low-income, marginalized, and disenfranchised individuals and communities. The family has requested donations in his memory be made to multiple organizations including the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. Join us in remembering Dick Odgers and make a  memorial gift in his honor, please include under Order Comments: “In Memory of Dick Odgers.”

Board of Directors

Lisa Spiegel, Chair
Bill Ong Hing, Founder

Cynthia Alvarez
Richard Boswell
W. Hardy Callcott
Eva Grove
Lisa P. Lindelef
Michelle Mercer
Toni Rembe
Guadalupe Siordia-Ortiz
Reginald D. Steer
Alan Tafapolsky
Mawuena Tendar
Hon. James L. Warren (Ret.)
Allen S. Weiner
Roger Wu

Advisory Board

John Burton
Chairman, California Democratic Party
Former President Pro Tem, California State Senate

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader, United States House of Representatives

Cruz Reynoso
Professor of Law Emeritus, UC Davis School of Law
Former Justice, California Supreme Court