For Immigrants / Para Inmigrantes

Community Advocacy: ILRC assists immigrant groups in understanding immigration law and the democratic process in the United States, so as to enable them to advocate for better policies in immigration law, as well as in health care, community safety, and other issues that affect the immigrant community.

Leadership Training: ILRC trains immigrant leaders how to be more effective advocates for their communities.

Know Your Rights Presentations: ILRC attorneys regularly conduct "know your rights" trainings with immigrant-based organizations to inform immigrants about their rights under the immigration laws and the United States Constitution, how to protect themselves from becoming victims of immigration fraud, changes in immigration law and policy, and a host of other issues that affect the lives of immigrants.

Citizenship Events: The New Americans Campaign offers naturalization assistance events in these communities around the country: Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, East Bay, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose. To find an event in one of these locations, visit the New Americans Campaign Citizenship Events Calendar.

If you are seeking assistance with personal immigration matters, check out the Community Resources for Immigrants packet. Also, El Comité de Padres Unidos holds community meetings on the first Monday of each month at the Dolores Community Center, 938 Valencia Street (between 20th Street & 21st Street) in the Mission District of San Francisco. You can email Guadalupe Ortiz to confirm the date of the next meeting. Learn more about Padres Unidos.

Community Resources for Immigrants

In an effort to ensure clients receive proper guidance, ILRC has developed a Resource Packet which includes contact information for some of the organizations that serve the people of the Bay Area.

Know Your Rights

Learn about the activities of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, and how to protect yourself, including the use of "Red Cards," which provide instructions on how to exercise your rights.

Living in the United States: A Guide for Immigrant Youth

Immigrant Legal Resource Center has developed a handbook for immigrant youth living in the United States. It contain valuable information for immigrant youth about living, working and studying in the United States.

Red Cards

Know your rights cards that were created to help both citizens and noncitizens defend themselves against constitutional violations during ICE raids or other enforcement actions.  These cards provide citizens and noncitizens with information about how to assert their constitutional rights and an explanation for ICE agents that the individuals are indeed asserting their constitutional rights.