The DREAM Act is proposed federal legislation that would help thousands of hard-working students realize their dreams of legalizing their immigration status. Specifically, the DREAM Act would provide legal status and access to financial aid to those young people who have graduated from a high school in the United States or received a GED, entered the United States before they were 16 years of age, and have been in the United States for at least five years. In order to qualify, each student would have to complete two years of higher education, or serve in the United States Armed Forces for at least two years. It is very inspiring to ILRC that these "DREAM Act" students, especially those in the California DREAM network, are working together and with others for the enactment of this legislation in the United States Congress.

California DREAM network

ILRC has forged a very close relationship with the student leaders of the newly-formed statewide California DREAM Network, as well as with student leaders from at least five of its affiliates. The California DREAM network is a network of over 20 California college and university campuses that launched both their network and a Dream Act campaign throughout the state of California on February 28, 2007. We have provided them with a lot of support, including logistical assistance and advice during their week-long fast which ended in San Francisco, as well as in one of their visits to speak with Congresspersons (and their staffers) in Washington, DC. Our work with them has also included conducting training and assistance for them, specific to their unique needs, helping the statewide organization as well as local affiliates in their media work, and connecting them with media outlets.

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Registering and Enlisting in the United States Military for Immigrants - FAQs

This new resource answers some common questions about the U.S. Military for immigrants.  It explains which immigrants must register with the Selective Service, which are eligible to enlist in the U.S. Military, and specifically addresses the requirements for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

Preparing for Possible Immigration Reform

A final immigration reform plan has not yet been approved and could take many months. If Congress approves a new plan, these are documents that you can start collecting now. Special thanks to our Spring 2013 law students, Andrew Briggs and Maria Dominguez, for their efforts in helping to create this resource.

Comparing DACA, California Dream Act, AB 540 and DREAM Act

A chart comparing the current status, requirements, application, benefits, bars, risks and other aspects of DACA, the California Dream Act, AB 540 and the DREAM Act.