Welcome to ILRC's NACARA project page. As many of you are well aware, in the early 1980's, hundreds of thousands of refugees fled war-torn El Salvador and Guatemala. Tens of thousands of Salvadoran and Guatemalan refugees applied for asylum in the U.S. but, because of bias against them at the time, very few of those petitions were granted. This situation has resulted in a continuing problem: a large number of refugees from these countries reside in the U.S. to this day without permission to remain permanently.

The NACARA project has been successful nationally and has seen the expansion of the original legislation to include some relief for Salvadorans and Guatemalans as well as for some Haitians nationals fleeing persecution. The media component of the project has drawn local as well as national attention to the unfair treatment of refugees with similar circumstances fleeing persecution, however, much work remains to be completed.

The project provides technical assistance to attorneys, paralegals and others who are working with NACARA eligible clients, as well as, an informational mailing list service for members.

If you're a legal service provider and would like to subscribe to our free NACARA listserv, check out NACARA resources.



The ILRC is making our Winning NACARA Suspension Cases  manual available free since we still receive requests for it, but it is no longer in print.  Keep in mind that this material has not been updated since 2005.