Multimedia Center

Welcome to the ILRC Multimedia Center, where you will find podcasts and videos on various areas of immigration law, partner projects, and events.

Learn about the various types of background checks for DACA and DAPA applicants and how to request them.

This videocast provides an introduction to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and offers tips for how to file FOIA requests in immigration cases.  It also provides information and examples regarding how to determine when and with which agency to file a FOIA request as well as examples of when a FOIA response is not the best option for gathering information.

In this podcast, Angie Junck discusses the various ways in which Proposition 47 impacts immigrants.

This resource is ideal for individuals who work directly with the immigrant community to raise awareness about immigration provider fraud prevention.  In this one-hour video, staff attorney Erin Quinn discusses protections available under California law and how to present information about immigration provider fraud at a community meeting.

En esta plática escucharás a las abogadas Lourdes Martinez y Aidin Castillo hablar sobre los beneficios que aporta la acción diferida y compartir sus recomendaciones para aquellas personas quienes esten considerando participar en este programa y quienes tengan dudas y preguntas acerca del mismo.

In this podcast, you will hear Alison Kamhi, ILRC Staff Attorney, respond to frequently asked questions regarding new driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants under California Law AB 60.

In this podcast, you will hear Rachel Prandini, ILRC Unaccompanied Minor Law Fellow, discuss how Senate Bill 873 benefits Unaccompanied Minors. This recording also provides practice tips to advocates on how to leverage the law to improve practice in state court for SIJS petitions.

In Scialabba v. Cuellar de Osorio, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the CSPA does not protect all of the derivative children of family-based immigrant visa applicants equally when they “age-out” of derivative status upon turning 21.  In this podcast, you will hear an example of how the Supreme Court’s ruling in Scialabba affects the “aged-out” child of a woman from Mexico whose priority date to immigrate as the sibling of a U.S. citizen has just become current.

In this podcast, you will hear Grisel Ruiz, ILRC Defending Immigrants Law Fellow, talk about the wave of changes to ICE Hold policies in 2014. This will include an in-depth review of who is subject to mandatory detention.ICE Hold Developments

ILRC Director of Programs, Melissa Rodgers, was interviewed by Tim Farley on the “Morning Brief” radio show (POTUS) on August 20, 2014.  Melissa discussed the challenges that immigrants face when applying for naturalization, including completing the lengthy application and paying the application fee.  She also highlighted the incredible work that the New Americans Campaign is doing across the country to help immigrants navigate through the naturalization process.