News & Events

11/24/2015 The Other Side of the Immigration Debate
11/20/2015 Celebrating Citizenship for New Americans
11/11/2015 Those Left Behind by Obama’s Criminal Justice Reforms
11/05/2015 Job Announcement: Communications Manager (100% FTE)
10/21/2015 On Immigration Reform, California Issues a Bold Message
10/09/2015 Gov. Brown Signs Key Drug Reform Bill into Law, but Vetoes Another
07/30/2015 Interview w/ Grisel Ruiz on UPFRONT: Local Sheriffs’ Depts & Federal Immigration Authorities
07/28/2015 More Than 50 California Groups Urge Sens. Feinstein, Boxer to Stop Efforts to Undermine California Law; Expected Legislation Would Bully Local Authorities
07/15/2015 Article by Bill Hing - Immigration Sanctuary Policies: Constitutional & Representative of Good Policing & Good Public Policy
04/21/2015 New Americans Campaign Recognized by White House
11/22/2014 5 Ways to Leverage California’s New Unaccompanied Minors Law
11/20/2014 New Podcast: Legal Update on CSPA - Scialabba v. Cuellar de Osorio
11/17/2014 Op-Ed by 'Orange is the New Black' actress: My parents were deported
08/04/2014 Melissa Rodgers Interviewed by KALW Radio
06/05/2014 Noncitizen Youth in the Juvenile Justice System Practice Guide
06/03/2014 Local, Federal Authorities at Odds Over Holding Immigrant Inmates
05/27/2014 New Americans Campaign: A Citizenship Movement
05/16/2014 New Immigration Enforcement Resources
05/14/2014 Preparing Central Valley for Immigration Reform
02/04/2014 USCIS Has Announced a Longer Citizenship Application Form