New DACA Training Series for Non-Attorney Volunteers – View it Now!


Are you planning to volunteer at a DACA workshop or clinic? If so, you’ll want to view these new resources to help you get started. In this three-part training series for non-attorney volunteers that are interested in helping out individuals apply for DACA, you’ll learn all about the eligibility requirements, how to help applicants complete the necessary forms, and organize supporting documents.

Understanding DACA Eligibility Requirements – Part 1 provides a brief overview of DACA, including how many people have applied and the benefits of applying.  It covers the main eligibility requirements for DACA, points out the various issue areas, and provides the volunteer with best practice tips when screening a DACA applicant.

How to Complete DACA Request Forms – Part 2 offers  an overview of the DACA request process, explains how to fill out all of the required DACA forms, and outlines best practices and tips for completing the forms.  It also alerts volunteers about potential problem areas that may arise during the process.

How to Organize Supporting Documents – Part 3 identifies the supporting documents an applicant has to produce to accompany their DACA request packet and explains how best to organize them.