One Dream 2009 Campaign Announced


July 10, 2008


One Dream 2009 Campaign Announced


One Dream 2009 Campaign is holding a press conference to share about the caravan of youth and adults who will begin their trip from San Francisco to San Diego from July 10th – 15th. They intend to highlight the plight of the nearly 3 million undocumented children in this country, using inspirational storytelling and captured videos of ICE raids. The group hopes to gain more support from other "Human Being Advocates" as they stop in various cities along the way. Their campaign is to emphasize immigration as a human rights issue. Ultimately, we want to bridge the divide of racism, classism, ageism, and nationalism; we live on one planet.


The One Dream 2009 campaign is spearheaded by an organization of 20 undocumented youth that are represented and supported by a growing national movement of "Human Being Advocates," who are both documented and undocumented.

"These young people are an inspiration to me. It is not only just to give these students who have grown up here the opportunity to realize their dreams, but it is also good for our economy and our society," stated Mark Silverman, Director of Immigration Policy at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC).