UCLA Law Library Guide ("LibGuide") Now Available


The ILRC would like to share a wonderful free resource with everyone interested in immigration law and the immigration debate. We strongly recommend you take some time out of your hectic schedules and peruse through the Library Guide discussed below.


UCLA Law Library has made available a Library Guide ("LibGuide") with extensive and detailed research on the nation's current immigration crisis. (Here's the link: http://libguides.law.ucla.edu/arizonaimmigration) Created by reference librarian June Kim, research assistant Tara Kearns, and law professor Gerald P. López, this LibGuide served originally as electronic readings for both a series of national trainings offered by the Rebellious Lawyering Institute and for Professor López' Fall 2010 Rebellious Lawyering Workshop. The LibGuide has evolved into a resource bank for all people interested in learning more about the current immigration debate in the United States. Critical topics include SB 1070 and its copycats, historical precedents, demographic data, growing federal enforcement programs, "comprehensive immigration reform," community-based and global activism, and much more. We encourage you to take advantage of this tremendous asset.