News & Events

04/13/2011 UCLA Law Library Guide ("LibGuide") Now Available
02/01/2011 Practice Advisory: Alyazji Moral Turpitude Deportation Grounds
10/05/2010 Insider Insight: Tech tools help legal-services providers learn from each other (10-5-10)
10/05/2010 What If We Had a Real Conversation about Immigration Reform? by Bill Ong Hing
09/30/2010 Important Advice for Defending Non-Citizens' First Drug Possession (9-30-2010)
09/29/2010 Central Valley Resource Guide (09/29/2010)
09/27/2010 Heroes de carne y hueso
09/20/2010 ILRC's Mark Silverman Featured in Ramos Column on DREAM Act
03/31/2010 California Immigration Advocates Applaud Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Integrity of Criminal Justice System for Immigrants
03/18/2010 ILRC has developed an Anti-Fraud Immigration Service Provider Curriculum
10/16/2008 "Immigrant students should not worry: yesterday's court ruling that charging undocumented students in-state tuition conflicts with federal law could not possibly take effect for a number of years."
07/10/2008 One Dream 2009 Campaign Announced
03/28/2008 ILRC Announces a Major Immigration Fraud Public Awareness Campaign
New Report: Evaluation of New Americans Campaign in Year 3
Immigrants' Rights Advocates Rally in Los Angeles for Implementation of DACA and DAPA on May 19
Can Cell Phones Improve Latinas’ Health?
Ethics, Morality, and Disruption of U.S. Immigration Laws, an Article by Bill Hing
ILRC Job Announcement: Controller (100% FTE)
Special Provisions for Immigrant Youth: A Model State Statute
ILRC Vows to Keep Pushing Congress for Immigration Reform Because Executive Action Does Not Go Far Enough