News & Events

08/17/2011 New Authoritative National Report Condemns “Secure” Communities Program
05/13/2011 ILRC Commends Senators and Congresspersons for Introducing the DREAM Act on Wednesday, May 11
04/13/2011 UCLA Law Library Guide ("LibGuide") Now Available
04/13/2011 DREAM: Guide for Parents of Undocumented Students
02/01/2011 Practice Advisory: Alyazji Moral Turpitude Deportation Grounds
10/05/2010 What If We Had a Real Conversation about Immigration Reform? by Bill Ong Hing
10/05/2010 Insider Insight: Tech tools help legal-services providers learn from each other (10-5-10)
09/30/2010 Important Advice for Defending Non-Citizens' First Drug Possession (9-30-2010)
09/29/2010 Central Valley Resource Guide (09/29/2010)
09/27/2010 Heroes de carne y hueso
09/20/2010 ILRC's Mark Silverman Featured in Ramos Column on DREAM Act
03/31/2010 California Immigration Advocates Applaud Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Integrity of Criminal Justice System for Immigrants
03/18/2010 ILRC has developed an Anti-Fraud Immigration Service Provider Curriculum
10/16/2008 "Immigrant students should not worry: yesterday's court ruling that charging undocumented students in-state tuition conflicts with federal law could not possibly take effect for a number of years."
07/10/2008 One Dream 2009 Campaign Announced
03/28/2008 ILRC Announces a Major Immigration Fraud Public Awareness Campaign
Blog by Angie Junck: Welcome Home Senator Feinstein
Can Cell Phones Improve Latinas’ Health?
New Report: Evaluation of New Americans Campaign in Year 3
Immigrants' Rights Advocates Rally in Los Angeles for Implementation of DACA and DAPA on May 19