Introducing the Challenges Faced by LGBT Immigrants & the Humanitarian Immigration Options Available to Them - Recorded Webinar

Presented:  Wednesday, October 19, 2011              

Description:  Understanding the challenges faced by LGBT individuals who seek lawful immigration status can be the key to identifying viable immigration options for those clients.  This is also important in order to prepare a winning immigration case, not only relying on successful legal arguments but also working as a team with a client who trusts you understand them.  This webinar will explore how these challenges are relevant in the context of applications for humanitarian immigration benefits, focusing on Asylum and U visas, but also mentioning T visas, VAWA’s and SIJS.   Among other things, our speakers will discuss how to work with a client to articulate a particular social group based on sexual orientation and gender presentation; or how to demonstrate substantial harm in a U visa claim based on a hate crime.  A portion of this webinar will be dedicated to discussing special considerations for those serving the transgender immigrant community.  

Presenters:  Dan Torres, Program Director/Attorney at California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.; Lourdes Martinez, Staff Attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; Matt Wood, Staff Attorney at the Transgender Law Center; and Noemi Calonje, Immigration Project Director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights