Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship

The Essential Legal Guide
13th Edition
ILRC Staff Attorneys
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Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship: The Essential Legal Guide. Now in its 13th Edition, the ILRC continues to write the most accessible comprehensive guide on the naturalization process and citizenship. Consisting of 14 chapters and extensive appendices, this indispensable guide thoroughly addresses the entire process of representing a naturalization applicant from the initial client meeting through the oath of allegiance. You will find sample forms, Immigration Service memos, practice guides, and many other essential tools for both private attorneys and practitioners working with community-based organizations. This edition includes a detailed explanation of the nuances involved in determining whether a naturalization applicant has sufficient good moral character to qualify for naturalization, a clear and complete description of the myriad of ways in which an absence could affect one’s naturalization application, and an explanation of the newly released N-400 form and how to best complete it. Overall the reader will learn detailed eligibility requirements for naturalization and helpful suggestions on both procedural issues and ways to effectively work with naturalization clients. We discuss what to do if a naturalization application is denied and how to determine if a client may already be a U.S. citizen through either acquisition or derivation of citizenship. The guide has the most user-friendly group of charts on how to determine if someone gained U.S. citizenship through acquisition or derivation of citizenship in existence. The Essential Legal Guide covers valuable information on how to help applicants with disabilities apply for naturalization. One of the strengths of the Essential Legal Guide is that it is very easy to read and understand for lawyers and other community advocates, including paralegals, community and labor organizers, and teachers. With dozens of examples demonstrating the legal concepts and thousands of citations to the law, regulations, and court cases, the reader will be thoroughly prepared to do the legal research necessary to successfully support clients towards applying for and winning naturalization.