The U Visa

Obtaining Status for Immigrant Victims of Crime
5th Edition
Sally Kinoshita, Susan Bowyer, Jessica Farb, Alison Kamhi, & Catherine Seitz
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The U Visa: Obtaining Status for Immigrant Victims of Crime will guide you through the entire process of handling an immigration case for a U visa applicant – from eligibility screening for U nonimmigrant status to communicating about the wait list and deferred action through adjustment of status to assisting eligible family members and helping U nonimmigrants travel. In addition to providing a thorough explanation of the requirements and application processes, this manual includes numerous practice pointers and sample materials to help you in handling your client’s case. These include sample checklists, cover letters, declarations, receipt notices and other correspondence you can expect to receive from USCIS, motions to submit to the immigration court, and more.

This fifth edition of The U Visa: Obtaining Status for Immigrant Victims of Crime is completely updated and the new features include:

  • Detailed updates on the new U wait list and deferred action policies and procedures
  • Updates and flowcharts for assisting U nonimmigrant clients with travel issues, parole and consular processing
  • Information on identifying and helping workplace victims of crime and working with the Department of Labor, EEOC or California DFEH for certification
  • Updated information and developments related to U adjustment of status applications
  • The latest information on addressing removal issues including prosecutorial discretion, issues that can appealed or waived and using U nonimmigrant status as a relief from removal or a means to terminate proceedings
  • Many more sample materials including applications and declarations for adjustment applications, consular processing, and outreach and explanatory materials for clients
  • Expanded sections and samples for assisting family members through the I-929 petition process


“The U Visa manual has helped me win countless cases. I especially love the sections on helping family members. The details about who can bring siblings, spouses, parents, children and the ages for the principals and derivatives are complex. Anytime I have a case where there is a question about a person qualifying as a derivative, I immediately turn to the U Visa manual. Thank you for this great resource!”

Kristin Love Boscia, Attorney at Law
Law Office of Kristin Love Boscia - San Jose, CA

"The U Visa manual is a fantastic consolidation of information in one book. It is easy to follow and has many great examples. I especially like the use of citations and footnotes to get more detailed information."

Ms. Nora Phillips, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) in Los Angeles

"The 'Big Pink Book', as we have affectionately come to call it, has proven an essential resource for our Immigrant Justice Program. With CIS criteria and procedures continually evolving, a U Visa attorney must have access to the collective knowledge of fellow advocates and practitioners."

Alicia J. Triche
Staff Attorney, Immigrant Justice Program - Community Legal Center