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Recorded Webinars

Join co-authors of The U Visa, Jessica Farb, Sally Kinoshita, and Catherine Seitz, for the latest information on U nonimmigrant adjustment of status, petitioning family members of U nonimmigrants through the I-929 petition process, travel and consular processing, and parole options.

Recorded Webinars

Join the authors of ILRC’s U Visa Manual for a 90-minute webinar with the latest practice tips and process updates on assisting clients with U nonimmigrant status, U adjustment and U visa travel cases.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will concentrate on the requirements of an applicant ready to adjust or consular process once a family visa petition has been approved.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar is intended for legal service providers who are new to the area of family-based immigration and will focus on the basics of the family visa petition.

Recorded Webinars

In this webinar, we will discuss the necessary legal preparation that must take place before taking pleadings on behalf of a client.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will cover the basic law of motions to suppress and strategies for defending clients in removal proceedings after their constitutional rights have been violated.

Recorded Webinars

During this advanced webinar, we will review some of the more complicated issues that arise when handling derivation of citizenship claims.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will cover the different types of background checks available for you and your client, including FOIA, FBI, state, and court-specific records requests.

Recorded Webinars

In this webinar, we will examine the process of credible fear for asylum applicants classed as arriving aliens and distinguish this from the reasonable fear process.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will review certain waivers in immigration law that require the applicant to prove hardship. 

Recorded Webinars

A discussion of the basic elements of an asylum claim for advocates who are new to representing clients in the asylum application process. I

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will discuss current practice for filing waivers for clients with unlawful presence. This webinar will provide an overview of the grounds of inadmissibility for unlawful presence and the available waivers.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will cover the latest developments and details on DACA, including post-DACA benefits and advice on how DACA recipients may be able to adjust status after traveling on advance parole.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will focus on the immigration portion of a Special Immigrant Juvenile Status case

Recorded Webinars

During this webinar, we will discuss the different ways in which an absence from the U.S. can affect a client’s naturalization application, including the effect upon his or her continuous residence, physical presence, abandonment of residence, and removability.

Recorded Webinars

This interactive webinar is for immigration advocates, criminal defense counsel, and clean slate/re-entry workers.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will review the role of parole in immigration law, including its possible benefits. We will cover three main types of parole:  advance parole, particularly in the context of TPS and DACA; humanitarian parole, especially with regards to its emerging use for children of U and VAWA derivatives and the new in-country refugee/parole program for certain minors, and parole in place.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar will explain the requirements for applying for an AB 60 license as well as the potential risks of applying for certain people with prior immigration or criminal violations, or who have used false information to apply for a license in the past. 

Recorded Webinars

Immigration law imposes its harshest consequences on noncitizens who have a conviction, or even evidence of conduct relating to, a drug crime. This is an especially fast-changing area of crim/imm, and new defenses are emerging each year.

Recorded Webinars

This webinar is an advanced training for practitioners familiar with the basics of asylum law. Attorney presenters will discuss strategies and challenges of building a case for asylum in gang-based claims.