Applying for DACA with a Juvenile Record

Recorded Date: 
Recorded Length: 
60 minutes

While juvenile delinquency is not an automatic bar to DACA, there are still open questions as to the affirmative risks of applying for DACA for applicants with juvenile records, as well as how one should proceed in disclosing a juvenile record in a DACA application.  This webinar will cover the risks of applying for DACA with certain juvenile delinquency adjudications, how to go about properly obtaining and disclosing a juvenile record in the application, and address issues of confidentiality and sealing of juvenile records.

Presenter: Angie Junck, Supervising Attorney – ILRC
At the ILRC, Angie coordinates the Immigrant Youth Project to provide advocacy on behalf of immigrant youth in order to improve their lives and ensure their fair and humane treatment in the United States. She provides trainings, technical assistance, and written materials to immigrant youth and their families, as well as to decision makers and service providers, such as social workers, dependency attorneys, juvenile justice officials, legislators, juvenile and family court judges, and community based groups and advocates. She is an author of various ILRC publications, including A Guide for Immigration Advocates, Defending Immigrants in the Ninth Circuit, and Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship.

Co-Presenter: Kristen Jackson, Senior Staff Attorney, Immigrant Rights - Public Counsel Law Center