Prosecutorial Discretion in Removal Proceedings

Recorded Date: 
Recorded Length: 
120 minutes

This webinar discusses preparing and submitting Requests for Prosecutorial Discretion, including administrative closure, as well as requests for Deferred Action. It focuses on DHS policy guidelines and practice in screening cases and adjudicating requests since the announcement of the new DHS policy announced in August, 2011. The webinar also provide tips on how to base requests for prosecutorial discretion and how to utilize the two memos of June 17, 2011 by ICE Director John Morton on the same subject. We cover how to prepare these requests, in addition to strategies for presenting the requests to ICE and in a smaller number of cases to CIS, and to the Department of Justice for cases, which are at the federal court of appeals. There is also a discussion on how such requests should be part of a practitioner’s overall removal defense strategy. This webinar is appropriate for practitioners with all levels of experience. To maximize the benefits of webinar, participants should review the major June 17th Morton memo which we will send out prior to the listening to the recording.


Mark Silverman, ILRC Director of Legalization and Community Organizing Projects
Mark is an expert in asylum law, Central American Policy, family immigration, and lawyering that supports civic action throughout Northern California and the Central Valley. He is the co-author of ILRC publication, Motions to Suppress manual.

Maurice "Mo" H. Goldman, Goldman & Goldman, PC
Mo has served on multiple national American Immigration Lawyers Association’s (AILA) committees, including the California Service Center and annual conference committees. He is currently serving on the AILA Board of Governors. Mo is also a trustee to the American Immigration Council (AIC), and has lectured on a variety of immigration subjects. He also serves on the boards of the ASISTA, Border Action Network and Immigrants List.