VAWA Self-Petitioning

Recorded Date: 
Recorded Length: 
90 minutes

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of VAWA self-petitioning, as well as the requirements and process for submitting a VAWA self-petition. We provide detailed explanations for all of the eligibility requirements, including the unique ways that children, unmarried spouses, former spouses, and parents can qualify, how to prove good faith marriage, how to document good moral character and when a bar to good moral character does not disqualify an applicant, how abuse is defined, and more. We also go through the nuts-and-bolts process of submitting the self-petition, including how to best document the case, tips for communicating with the Vermont Service Center, obtaining fee waivers and more.


Sally Kinoshita, ILRC Deputy Director & Staff Attorney
Sally is the principal author of the ILRC publication entitled, The U Visa: Obtaining Immigration Status for Immigrant Victims of Crime and the co-author of the ILRC publications, The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants; Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Children Under Juvenile Court Jurisdiction and Immigration Benchbook for Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Catherine Ward-Seitz, Regional Immigration Coordinator for Bay Area Legal Aid 
Catherine has been working in the field of immigration law since 1990, starting out as legal assistant and then a BIA Accredited Representative before her admission to the bar in December of 2001. Before joining Bay Area Legal Aid as Regional Immigration Coordinator in July of 2009, she worked at Canal Alliance, the International Institute of the East Bay, and the private immigration law firm of Simmons & Ungar.