The central focus of the curriculum is to help immigrants develop and refine their leadership and advocacy skills, and to teach them how to help others apply for citizenship. Using interactive teaching techniques, the curriculum is designed to give every student an opportunity to practice the skills taught during the training. Divided into 11 training units, the curriculum takes approximately 31 hours to teach, depending on the number of students and co-trainers.

The newest version of this manual includes an advanced leadership training curriculum. The advanced training includes a new addition to the curriculum entitled "Civic Action Projects" or CAPS. CAPS are small-group campaigns chosen, designed, and carried forth by lay leaders as a means of addressing problems affecting their communities. For example, a CAP might aim to improve the recreational services available for immigrant youth in the community, or it might aim to promote the hiring of more bilingual faculty and staff in the local school district. CAPs provide a forum where leaders can utilize their various skills developed in the basic training while they work on a campaign that addresses problems in their community.