Kemi Bello, Communications Manager
Communications Manager

Kemi Bello joined the ILRC in April 2016 as our first Communications Manager. She oversees the organization’s communications strategy and provides ongoing support for the ILRC’s various projects and campaigns.

She has been involved in the immigrant rights movement as a storyteller, online and community organizer, and policy advocate for ten years. She is particularly passionate about championing the rights of women and immigrants with special needs, and is committed to research justice and making data more accessible to the communities from which it is sourced.

Prior to joining the ILRC, she worked in communications, policy advocacy, fundraising, and research for nonprofit and grassroots organizations serving a variety of social issues, from tech diversity and labor rights to cultural strategy and higher education access. She has danced in a flash mob, performed poetry onstage, marched with a cumbia band, and ridden a bus named Priscilla through the Southern U.S. – all in the name of migrant rights.

She is a proud alumna of the University of Houston, where she double majored in mathematics and economics. She remains eternally humbled by the power, the potential, and the privilege of the written and spoken word.