Policy & Advocacy

Engaging in advocacy and educational initiatives with elected officials, federal, state and local agencies, the media and our allies on policies that impact immigrants including immigration, health care access, and safety concerns.

The ILRC works in two ways to support measures that benefit immigrants. First, we assist the growing number of immigrants who seek to be involved in the debates on the public issues that dramatically affect their lives at the local, state and national levels. The ILRC supports such active involvement, a hallmark of a strong democracy, through informational meetings, leadership trainings, and facilitation of meetings between immigrants, policy makers, and the ethnic and mainstream media. Second, the ILRC directly works with policy makers, coalition partners, and other organizations to provide information about the situation on the ground, as well as to explain the real consequences of legislative and other proposals.

Our civic participation and technical assistance work position us well to help immigrants build their capacity in the policy and advocacy arenas as well as educate us about which legal and policy changes would best address their needs. We share this information with policy makers and other decision makers.

Detainer Policies