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USCIS Has Announced a Longer Citizenship Application Form

The USCIS has announced a longer citizenship application form.  According to Eric Cohen, Executive Director, “Green card holders have a 90 day window where they can use the old form — and the New Americans Campaign will hold dozens of free citizenship assistance events nationwide to make sure as many people as possible apply for citizenship before the change. For those green card holders waiting to take the critical step of becoming citizens, there’s no better time than now. ”

The California TRUST Act: Coming to a County Near You

On October 5, 2013, Governor Brown signed AB 4, the TRUST Act, which limits collaboration between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local law enforcement in California. In this podcast, you will hear Grisel Ruiz answer questions related to the TRUST Act, such as why it’s needed, when it will go into effect, and what people can do if they want to monitor the TRUST Act in their county.

Understanding AB1024 and its Impact on Undocumented Law Students

During this interview with ILRC founder, Bill Hing, you will hear a series of questions regarding the significance of the passage of AB1024 by state legislature and Governor Brown's signing. We also address why the Obama Administration opposed the issuance of a license to Sergio Garcia, the undocumented law graduate who passed the California State Bar.