As the Immigrant Legal Resource Center celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019, the organization is thrilled to recognize that the Phillip Burton Immigration & Civil Rights Awards has also reached a 30-year milestone. Join us as we celebrate three decades of honoring influential and important work from partners and leaders in the field of immigrant rights that have fueled the fight forward.

This year’s dinner also serves as a time for us, as a movement, to reflect on the state of immigration issues and the evolving strategies, new thinking, and shifting playing fields in the immigration arena. With bigotry and racism running rampant across the country and fueled by divisive rhetoric from the oval office on down, immigrant rights advocates and allies will be called upon constantly to respond swiftly and identify new avenues of support for our most vulnerable immigrant communities. The Awards have not only allowed the ILRC’s supporters an opportunity to self-reflect with movement leaders but has also given us a much-needed moment to acknowledge and lift up the astounding work of truly inspiring and courageous advocates and policymakers in the field.