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What We Do

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is a national nonprofit resource center that provides immigration legal trainings, technical assistance, and educational materials, and engages in advocacy and immigrant civic engagement to advance immigrant rights.

We Help Immigration Law Professionals and Advocates Expand Their Expertise

The ILRC publishes expert immigration practice manuals used by legal services providers nationwide. Our unique Attorney of the Day (AOD) consultation service provides case-specific technical assistance to attorneys, nonprofit organizations, public defenders, and other immigration advocates. Our staff attorneys also conduct immigration law trainings on emerging issues, policy updates, and effective practices.

We Educate and Train Immigrant Communities to Advocate for Themselves

By providing education and leadership development, the ILRC helps immigrant communities and organizations advocate for improved policies, better access to services, and safer communities.

We Shape Immigration Law and Policy

ILRC attorneys are experts in the field of immigration law. Through our advocacy work at local, state, and federal levels, we work to ensure that policies and procedures impacting immigrant communities are fair and just.