Prosecutors have a vital role to play in ensuring that expanding federal immigration enforcement does not undermine community trust, public safety, or the fair administration of justice. As courts become gateways to the deportation pipeline, all actors in the criminal justice system, including prosecutors, must examine their practices and policies with respect to immigrants.

Since the 1980s the ILRC has been a national leader in addressing the immigration consequences of crime and delinquency. For the last decade, the ILRC has led national efforts to engage and educate prosecutors about the immigration consequences of crime at the local and federal level. As the primary drafters of a landmark piece of legislation requiring prosecutors to consider immigration consequences, we have actively engaged in policy advocacy to transform prosecutorial practices. We have worked directly with elected prosecutors throughout the country to draft and enact policies that mitigate or eliminate the devastating lifelong impact of criminal convictions. We are regularly called upon to provide trainings and guidance to District Attorney offices and state associations. We also support local campaigns where we arm directly impacted communities with the immigration-related resources they need to further their work to increase prosecutorial accountability.