We’re thrilled to partner with the California Community Colleges & California State University systems to support immigrant students at participating higher education institutions throughout the state. 

The program, called the Higher Education Technical Assistance Project (HETAP), is a resource-sharing collaborative designed to supplement the pro bono legal services now offered to students on campuses by committed nonprofit legal organizations. Both endeavors are made possible by the generous support of the California Department of Social Services’ Immigration Services Bureau.  

Attending a higher education institution can already be challenging on multiple levels. Navigating academics, juggling competing financial pressures, and maintaining competitive grades is enough to take on without blending in issues that arise from one’s immigration status. As schools continue building long-term infrastructure that includes dedicated resource centers and support spaces for immigrant students, the ILRC’s focus will be to expand community tools and guides used by students and their families to demystify complex immigration legal issues.  

We are proud to help grow the knowledge base for on-campus legal advocates and students seeking to navigate their own immigration journey. The ILRC is also grateful to work with committed partners in both school systems in the fight to empower and educate those with immigration needs. 

HETAP Partners: