Are you contemplating applying for DACA? Not sure if you’re eligible? Are you looking to renew? This page is dedicated to housing our most up-to-date free community tools you can download, share, watch, and print to get informed on eligibility, requirements, application processes, and more as you prepare to submit an application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

As always, the best route is to speak with a trusted legal service provider if you are looking to submit any application to USCIS. This does not just help ensure that your application packet and supporting evidence are reviewed by an expert but it also helps screen you for other forms of immigration relief. In one recent study, roughly 1 in 5 DACA-eligible screenings uncovered other, more permanent paths for those being assessed that they would have otherwise not known about. If you would like to identify a provider in your area, head to to access Immigration Advocates Network’s National Legal Services Directory. 

Note: Are you enrolled at a California State University or California Community College? Your campus may currently be offering free immigration legal services thanks to generous funding by the California Department of Social Services. Check in with your campus to find out more! 

Details for California State University legal services partners can be found here

Details for California Community Colleges legal services partners can be found here

DACA Demystified: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare to Apply as an Initial

With USCIS now accepting requests for DACA from individuals who have never had DACA, it's VITAL that we understand how to put our best foot forward when compiling evidence documents and application forms. In this video Staff Attorney Veronica Garcia and Legal Outreach Coordinator Abraham Bedoy walk through everything you need to know to prepare to submit your initial application packet! 

DACA Initials App Guide

As new applicants begin to set their sights on initial DACA requests, there are several questions worth asking and steps worth taking to prepare productively. This guide is designed to walk community members through eligibility and process for submitting an initial application for deferred action and employment authorization. 

Annotated Initial DACA Application Packet

The ILRC’s DACA Team has put together a page-by-page form guide for anyone looking to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as an initial request. This annotated community resource provides insights into many of the questions asked of recipients when completing the forms needed to make up a complete application packet (forms I-821D, I-765, and I-765WS). As stated in the document, it is important that any individual completing their forms ensures that they are using the most up-to-date forms USCIS offers – otherwise they will reject your submission. 

As always, the ILRC strongly recommends working with a trusted legal service provider to compile and submit a request for DACA, especially as an initial applicant. To identify a provider in your area, head to

How to Complete a DACA Renewal

This video details how to complete a DACA renewal application packet by walking through the various forms’ questions to highlight what they mean and focus on areas worth paying close attention to. As always, we highly encourage applicants to seek a consultation with a trusted legal service provider before submitting their packets. Namely this is so applicants can ensure they are submitting their information as accurately as possible and addressing the dimensions of their specific case that may or may not allow them to be eligible for other forms of immigration relief. In this one-hour walkthrough video, the ILRC’s Legal Outreach Coordinator, Abraham Bedoy, dives deep into each form required for a renewal so those taking on their own application packet (forms: I-821D, I-765, I-765WS, G-1145) can follow along to double-check their entries.