The Higher Education Legal Services Project is a California-funded effort to provide FREE immigration legal services to students enrolled in the California Community College & California State University systems. This unprecedented project brings together trusted and reputable legal services providers to offer direct legal support to immigrant college students so they can best assess their unique case and plan for their future.

Partner organizations offer pro bono immigration consultations and case support on campus and/or online to any enrolled students – whether they are full time, part time, or they are taking non-credit courses, dual enrollment, and adult education courses.

The support includes a wide range of services including, but not limited to, screening for different forms of relief, DACA renewals, family-based petitions, citizenship/naturalization requests, and more. Students attending California Community Colleges are also eligible to have their DACA fees covered under this program. Faculty and staff at California Community Colleges are also eligible for free immigration legal services under this project. Select the option that applies to you below to be routed to the legal services page for your respective school system.


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