House of Representatives Passes NO BAN Act

For Immediate Release
Contact: Donna De La Cruz,
July 22, 2020


House of Representatives Passes NO BAN Act 
Immigrant Legal Resource Center Urges US Senate to do the Same   

WASHINGTON, DC—The House of Representatives today voted 223 to 183 to pass the NO BAN Act (HR 2214) that ensures the Trump Administration and future administrations are not allowed to ban entire communities.  This vote is a historic step for Muslim communities, Black immigrants, and others affected by Trump’s bias-based bans.    

 “The NO BAN Act, which rescinds the Muslim Ban, is a much needed tool against a racist and xenophobic president who, unchecked, will continue to target communities for discriminatory reasons.   The Senate must now follow suit and vote to eliminate Trump’s discriminatory bans and vow to never let another president take the same action,” said Sameera Hafiz, Policy Director for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. “Trump’s bans forced the US to turn its back on our Constitution and our promise to offer safe haven to those being persecuted.” 

“The ILRC commends the NO BAN Act, an important step, and will continue to advocate and fight for policies that are compassionate and humane, and we will not back down in the face of this Administration’s constant stream of hateful policies,” Hafiz said. “The most recent egregious act was Trump’s announcement of unconstitutional policies to erase immigrant communities from the census.  The ILRC will continue to educate and support immigrant communities  to fight Trump’s racist policy agenda.” 


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