Kemi Bello, ILRC Communications Manager

January 30, 2017                                            

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ILRC Applauds Google’s Creation of Crisis Fund to Resist Attack on Immigrants and Refugees
Google Pledges $2 million Donation and Matches of Employee Gifts to Four Organizations, including the ILRC

We are honored and grateful for this generous gift from the leadership and employees at Google, one that will support us in advancing our mission to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.

By eroding the civil liberties and human rights of immigrants and refugees of various nationalities and religious affiliations, the Trump administration has begun implementing its hate-fueled attack on those groups who have been a part of this country's fabric since its founding.

This weekend, scores of visa holders, lawful permanent residents and their U.S. citizen family members were denied entry from the place they call home and held for hours without access to legal representation. The tremendous work of hundreds of attorneys, including but not limited to our colleagues at the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center, the Yale Law School, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, the International Refugee Assistance Project, and the Asian Law Caucus, combined with the heartwarming show of solidarity from tens of thousands of community members across the country, made way for justice to prevail, albeit temporarily.

Our work as legal advocates to keep individuals and families in their rightful home and safeguard the protections afforded to them our Constitution continues, in part thanks to the valuable contributions large and small from individuals and organizations alike.

As we forge ahead, we encourage those who are able to donate to organizations working to serve Muslim and/or refugee communities in particular to do so.

Together, we work to ensure that we honor our nation's commitment to liberty, to welcoming and to equal and fair treatment for all. 

In gratitude,
The Immigrant Legal Resource Center


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