ILRC is Ready to Provide Support to Partners, Coalitions While Every Vote is Counted

With the results of the presidential election too close to call, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) will continue to provide expertise and support to partners, coalition members and others to defend immigrant rights and racial justice in this uncertain time and stand together to protect democracy. 

“We will remain vigilant to make sure policies that further harm immigrants are not rammed through while our country waits for the election results, as every vote cast is counted,” said Eric Cohen, Executive Director of the ILRC. “No matter the outcome, we will be reaching out to partners and the coalitions we work with to offer support across wide issue areas to make sure our communities have the resources they need.”   

The ILRC hopes the winner of the election will use this Blueprint for the Next Administration to guide policies toward immigrants that embrace compassionate and humane measures rather than punitive ones.  

The ILRC hopes that our next president, along with members of Congress, can come together and work toward enacting policies that benefit all families regardless of citizenship status or race.