ILRC Statement on “Revised” Muslim Ban

Kemi Bello, ILRC Communciations Manager

March 6, 2017
Contact: Kemi Bello,, (415) 321-8568

ILRC Statement on “Revised” Muslim Ban

Today, President Trump signed a revised executive order banning the entry of nationals from six different countries.

Bill Ong Hing, law professor at the University of San Francisco and founder of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, issued the following statement:

“Don’t be fooled: today’s revisions to the Trump administration’s disastrous and unconstitutional Muslim ban still result in public policy fueled by hate and steeped in racial and ethnic discrimination.”

“The mere fact that this Muslim ban still exists sends an immoral and irresponsible message to the American public and to residents all over the world that inclusion and welcoming are values only reserved for some of a certain skin color, religious affiliation or nationality.”

“This Muslim ban also stands in sharp contrast to the spirit of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which eliminated the use of immigration quotas based on national origin and established pathways to encourage the reunification of immigrant families.”

“By continuing to list nationals without current visas from six specific countries, the President is saying that the entry of all others from those countries are detrimental to the national interest. That allegation is not only false and factually impossible to prove, it also appears to be an unlawful use of the law.”

“We cannot allow freedom to be reserved to some, and we will continue to work towards a democratic society that embraces and values all people, no matter where they were born.”


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