Various pieces of legislation have been introduced in the US Congress in 2021 designed to provide immigration relief to certain members of the undocumented community.  In this resource, we provide a comparison of key provisions of some of these bills.  The ILRC applauds the leadership and organizing of immigrant communities who have bravely fought for years to ensure these proposals for relief are considered by Congress and that all members of our communities can live with dignity.  These bills are important steps forward in addressing the inequities in our immigration system, however the ILRC believes that legislative proposals should be fully inclusive so that individuals who have had contact with the criminal legal system are not disqualified for relief.      

Below are 1-pagers of each bill as well as a table that summarizes key legislation, the requirements for each proposal, and the limitations as well as a detailed chart on the criminal provisions that would affect people attempting to qualify for relief. The requirements for the current DACA and TPS program are also included