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April 26, 2017

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Immigrant Justice Network Responds to Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Launch of “V.O.I.C.E” Initiative

Statement by Mizue Aizeki (Immigrant Defense Project), Angie Junck (Immigrant Legal Resource Center), and Paromita Shah (National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild) on behalf of the Immigrant Justice Network (IJN):

“After 100 hundred days of losing in the courts, legislature, and before the global community, the Trump administration has hit a new low in its attempt to validate an indefensible platform built on racial hatred, fear-mongering, and public deception.”

“The administration has failed to secure credible sources to support its racist claims about immigrants and crime. While the administration has had to resort to inventing lies or “alternative facts” on other issues, with today's formal launch of the VOICE initiative by DHS, the Trump administration has hit a new low in its exploitation of human loss to serve its own narrow interests.”

“Operating on the same racist logic that has fueled the country's discriminatory policing and mass incarceration of people of color, VOICE is a shameful propaganda vehicle whose sole aim is to promote fear, social divisions, and the myth of “immigrant criminality.” It says as much about the President’s attitudes towards immigrants as it does about his views towards everyday Americans, whom he thinks he can frighten into passive complicity. VOICE has no place in our society. As a network that fights for the civil, human, and legal rights of all immigrants, the IJN vehemently denounces this shameful exploitation of tragedy for political advantage.”


About the Immigrant Justice Network

The Immigrant Justice Network is a collaboration between the Immigrant Defense Project, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyer’s Guild and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. The Immigrant Justice Network fights for the human rights of all immigrants. We work with our partners towards a vision of communities that are healthy and thriving, not torn apart by unfair and discriminatory policing, incarceration, and deportation. http://immigrantjusticenetwork.org/