Immigrant Legal Resource Center Condemns Trump’s Expansion of Muslim Ban

 Immigrant Legal Resource Center Condemns Trump’s Expansion of Muslim Ban  

Today, the Trump administration announced the expansion of its Muslim Ban to include six additional countries. Under the new policy, restrictions will be expanded to immigrants from Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania.

Said Sameera Hafiz, Policy Director for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC):

“The addition of six more countries to Trump’s Muslim Ban shows the administration’s continued targeting of Black immigrants, immigrants from Muslim majority countries, and communities of color. Trump again demonstrates to our communities, and the world, that his administration’s policies are designed to promote racism and exclusion. 

The ILRC will continue to support directly impacted communities who are leading the resistance to Trump’s white supremacist agenda and fighting for a vision of inclusion and dignity. We also call on Congress to pass the No Ban Act with language intact to repeal the administration’s current bans and prevent future discriminatory bans.”


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