Resources on the FIRST STEP Act—legislation to reform the criminal justice system—and its impacts on non-citizens.

Concerns about FIRST STEP Act Senate Bill: In this resource on The First Step Act, S. 3747, ILRC along with its partners the NIPNLG, NIJC, IDP and IJN, provides analysis on how the bill’s provision impacts non-citizens in the federal criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Reform Forgets Immigrants: In this opinion piece published in The Hill, the Immigrant Justice Network – comprised of IDP, ILRC and NIPNLG, discuss how criminal justice reforms such as the First Step Act exclude non-citizens from its benefits and share the stories of individuals directly impacted by the deportation pipeline.

Opposing the FIRST STEP Act: Prison Reform Legislation Promises Detrimental Impact to Immigrant Communities: In this resource on the FIRST STEP Act in the House, HR 5682, ILRC, along with partners NJC, IJN, IDP, NIPNLG and the ACLU, provide analysis of the bill’s provisions on non-citizens in the federal criminal justice system.