The ILRC is pleased that Congress is engaging in a serious conversation about immigration policy and how to protect DACA recipients, TPS holders and those with DED - who are among the many groups of people of color and immigrants targeted by the Trump Administration's racist policies and discriminatory practices. 

The ILRC believes strongly that any legislation designed to protect immigrants should soundly reject Trump's racist agenda; this includes rejecting a framework that automatically disqualifies certain individuals from consideration for relief, such as those who have had contact with the criminal legal system.  These frameworks disproportionately impact individuals and communities already subject to criminalization, surveillance and other discriminatory law enforcement tactics.  

As HR 6 moves through Congress we urge legislators to ensure no additional provisions are included in the legislation that would create more barriers to relief for young immigrants, TPS holders and those with DED.  It is imperative that proposals seeking to portray immigrants as public safety or national security threats, a tired staple of the Trump narrative, be squarely rejected and our legislators remain accountable to the demands of the American public for policies that are grounded in a vision of justice and dignity for immigrants.

--April 29, 2019