AILA Stakeholder Meeting Notes with USCIS

U Visa/T Visa/VAWA
Publication Date

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) VAWA, U, and T National Committee coordinated a stakeholder meeting with USCIS on November 16, 2023. USCIS was represented by officials from the Office of Policy & Strategy, Service Center Operations, the Vermont Service Center, and the Public Engagement Division. These notes were compiled by VAWA, U, and T National Committee members and reflect USCIS responses to questions posed by the committee and partners. USCIS’s official responses to the questions submitted can be found in the Electronic Reading Room. For AILA notes from USCIS’s May 2023 stakeholder meeting with AILA and partners, please see AILA Doc. No. 23050300.  

This advisory provides unofficial minutes from the questions asked and answered by USCIS, along with practice tips provided by the AILA VAWA/U/T Committee.