DACA Demystified

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With USCIS now accepting requests for DACA from individuals who have never had DACA, it's VITAL that we understand how to put our best foot forward when compiling evidence documents and application forms. In this video Staff Attorney Veronica Garcia and Legal Outreach Coordinator Abraham Bedoy walk through everything you need to know to prepare to submit your initial application packet! 

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Renewing your DACA? Here's our comprehensive page-by-page walkthrough of the renewal application: https://www.ilrc.org/how-to-complete-a-daca-renewal

Want a printable guide? Download our DACA Initials Guide here: https://www.ilrc.org/daca-initial-app-guide

More info: https://ilrc.org/daca  

Find a trusted legal service provider in your area: https://bit.ly/ianimmhelp