California’s DACA & Naturalization Application Filing Fees Project

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About the DACA and Naturalization Application Filing Fees Project:

If you are a DACA recipient living in California and facing financial challenges, you can get your renewal filing fees covered by connecting with and getting support from a participating direct services organization found in the directory below. Note that this support is only available until the end of 2023.

California has funded several trusted community organizations to help pay for DACA renewal and naturalization filing fees. Legal services providers at these organizations can work with you to review your application and cover the filing fees if you qualify.

To locate a participating trusted legal service organization in your area, download the contact sheet below. 

Some helpful tips as you prepare to submit your DACA renewal application(s):

We understand that this process can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to guide you before reaching out to these organizations:

  1. Take the first step by reaching out!
    If you are requesting a DACA renewal, initiate that process as soon as possible. We recommend preparing your renewal if you are within 5 months of your DACA expiration. You can start reaching out to the organizations by email or phone. They will usually help you set up your appointment and will share next steps.
  2. Gather all documents that they ask you to bring. Do not worry if you don’t have everything. They will guide you and work with what you do have. 
    Ensure all the supporting documents you are able to find are well organized before your appointment. This will make the process smoother and more efficient.
  3. Practice effective communication. 
    Timely communication via email or phone is crucial. Be sure to respond promptly to their inquiries and stay up-to-date in the process. With USCIS processing backlogs, it will be key to move promptly on submitting your paperwork. Remember - they are here to help!
  4. Follow through with your appointments.
    Treat your appointments with the importance that they deserve. Keep track of them and follow through diligently. If anything comes up that impedes your ability to make your appointment, let them know ahead of time so you can reschedule accordingly. 

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