Humanitarian Forms of Relief Part I: U, T, VAWA

U Visa/T Visa/VAWA
Publication Date

Noncitizen victims of violence, serious crimes, and persecution may be eligible for certain forms of immigration protection and status.  These options are often referred to as Humanitarian Forms of Relief.  They include: T nonimmigrant status, U nonimmigrant status, VAWA self-petition, asylum, and special immigrant juvenile status.

This practice advisory is one of two that will give an overview of these options, their eligibility requirements, and some factors to consider before applying.  This advisory is meant to be an introduction to humanitarian forms of relief: U nonimmigrant status, T nonimmigrant status, and VAWA self-petition.  This advisory should be used as general guidance, to identify potential eligibility, and to understand the processes and benefits of each form of relief.  For a more detailed analysis on issues related to humanitarian forms of relief, please visit the Immigrant Legal Resource Center website at: