Identifying Humanitarian Forms of Relief for Derivatives: VAWA Self-Petitioners

U Visa/T Visa/VAWA
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The VAWA Self-Petition allows abused immigrants to petition for legal status independently of their abuser.  The process mirrors that of the family-based process but frees the victim from having to rely on the abuser’s cooperation to file a family-based petition. Under VAWA, an abused spouse or child of a lawful permanent resident (LPR) or U.S. citizen (USC), or an abused parent of a USC son or daughter can submit a self-petition on their own.  Individuals who qualify for VAWA are able to include derivatives on their applications and both the principal and derivative are able to gain immigration benefits through the process. This practice advisory provides information on derivatives for the VAWA self-petition process as well as considerations to keep in mind when filing an application.