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For Immediate Release: November 20, 2017
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Trump Administration Continues the Wrong Approach to TPS Program, Plan to Deport 50,000 Haitians is Heartless, says the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Today, the Trump Administration announced it is terminating Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti. Beneficiaries will be out of status and subject to deportation effective July 22, 2019. There are currently 50,000 Haitians with TPS living and working in the US who will be affected by this decision.

Said Amanda Baran, Policy Consultant at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and co-author of ILRC’s report “Economic Contributions by Salvadoran, Honduran and Haitian TPS Holders”: 

“Ripping 50,000 Haitians from communities across the United States and sending them back to a country that still hasn’t recovered from the dire conditions that qualified it for TPS in the first place is another heartless decision made by the Trump Administration. A mere six months ago, then-DHS Secretary John Kelly decided to extend TPS for Haiti, noting the extensive damage Hurricane Matthew left in its wake and, since then, the island was hit by two more hurricanes--Irma and Maria--further damaging Haiti’s infrastructure and displacing thousands.

“This decision is yet another example of the Trump Administration politicizing a humanitarian program in an effort to appease its anti-immigrant base and breaking our country’s long-standing commitment to people who have built lives, grown families, and lived in the U.S. for years. This Administration has no plan in place for the children who are U.S. citizens but may now lose their parents and caregivers to deportation. Deporting mothers and fathers back to a country with bleak living conditions that cannot support their return is stunningly cruel.

“We call on Congress to step in immediately and find a legislative solution for all TPS holders. Haitian TPS holders are an important part of our communities, our economy, and our society. There is bipartisan support for a humane solution for Haitians with TPS, that would extend them a path to citizenship.”

Deporting current Haitian TPS holders will cost our nation more than $468 million; lead to a GDP reduction of $2 billion over a decade; and incur $428 million in lost Social Security and Medicare contributions over a decade, according to findings from ILRC’s report “Economic Contributions by Salvadoran, Honduran and Haitian TPS Holders” released earlier this year. The ILRC report “Relief Not Raids: Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras” outlines the legal and factual grounds for designating these Central American countries for TPS and the impact it would have on these communities. 

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