Watered Down Immigration Relief is Not the Goal

(Washington)—This morning the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better (BBB) Act: the next step is for the Senate to act on this legislation. Among BBB’s many provisions is language attempting to address the needs of our country’s immigrants. However, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) believes the watered-down immigration relief Democrats advanced in BBB does not meet the needs of immigrant communities who have bravely fought for decades for citizenship and a vision of immigrant justice that is inclusive. At its best, this so-called “Plan C” would grant temporary relief to some immigrants while millions of others are left out. At its worst, it would leave a detailed roadmap that future administrations could use to target vulnerable immigrant communities. 

“Decades of promised pathways to citizenship have produced more roadblocks than real relief,” said ILRC Policy Director Sameera Hafiz. “We are tremendously humbled by the countless contributions of immigrants to this country, and these contributions must be met with much more than broken promises.” 

“The ILRC will continue to use its legal expertise to ensure that laws that offer relief to immigrants are fully implemented,” Hafiz added. “We will continue to press for relief for all immigrants, including those who have been criminalized. We cannot continue to wait another decade or two to see permanent relief for all.”


The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is a national nonprofit that works with immigrants, community organizations, legal professionals, and policy makers to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people. Through community education programs, legal training & technical assistance, and policy development & advocacy, the ILRC works to protect and defend the fundamental rights of immigrant families and communities.