Abraham Bedoy, Legal Outreach Coordinator

Abraham Bedoy

Policy and Community Specialist

Abraham Eli Bedoy joined the ILRC as a legal outreach coordinator in August 2018 based in California’s Central Valley. Prior to joining the ILRC as an official staff member, Abraham worked in conjunction with the ILRC and other nonprofit organizations providing legal outreach to immigrant communities throughout California. His projects focused on various immigration topics including but not limited to DACA, know your rights, naturalization, and U visas. Abraham has spearheaded many pro-immigrant organizational efforts alongside other non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, religious groups, etc. During his short time working in immigration law, Abraham has developed a passion for assisting, empowering, and advocating for the immigrant community and hopes to continue fighting for immigrants everywhere. Abraham earned his BA in political science with an emphasis in American government from the University of California at Davis where his passion for social justice was fomented.