The ILRC's newsletter, The Immigrant Advocate, is published bi-annually. Each edition of The Immigrant Advocate features articles about ILRC’s current work in advancing immigrant rights. ILRC’s Annual Report provides an overview of our previous year and includes our financial position and highlights of the year’s focus.

In this issue: Separating Children from Their Families at the Border: Our Newest Inhumanity to Immigrants (A Child Psychiatrist’s Take); 2018 Phillip Burton Immigration & Civil Rights Awards; When Water Is Safer than Land: A Day Inside Our Nation’s Immigration Border Jails; Mark Silverman: An Immigration Law Titan Retires; Immigrant Rights in the San Joaquin Valley; 2017 Annual Report;...
Needless to say, the immigration law field faced unique and disturbing challenges during the first year of the new administration. The public fought back and drew a firm line to affirm their differing values. Still, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security persisted with xenophobic policies and enforcement practices. Read more about the ways we have pushed back in our 2017 Annual Report. (...