Newsletters & Annual Reports

Each year, the ILRC distributes thousands of copies of our 23 manuals and provides legal assistance on more than 8,000 issues to pro bono and nonprofit advocates, as well as public defenders, through our national Attorney of the Day service. In any given year, our staff attorneys conduct hundreds of trainings, community meetings, and workshops. In 2021, the ILRC held 193 in-person and online seminars and webinars for almost 15,000 attendees and participants. The ILRC also leads meetings and workshops where thousands of immigrants are screened for legal options while learning about their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. Since 2011, the ILRC, as the lead of the New Americans Campaign, has helped more than 560,000 immigrants complete their naturalization applications.
One of the most heartbreaking and galvanizing assaults on immigrant and human rights in 2018 was the administration’s policy of separating families seeking asylum, or other relief, at our borders. Read about how the ILRC responded in our 2018 Annual Report.
In this issue: In Focus: Goals for the new Austin, Texas office; Ending 287(g) agreements: An overview of the effort to keep local law enforcement out of the federal immigration enforcement work; Congress must take down Trump administration's barriers to citizenship; 2019 Phillip Burton Immigration & Civil Rights Awards; 2018 Annual Report 
In this issue: Public Charge: The Threat America is Not Talking Enough About; The ILRC Introduces its First Andy Grove Immigrants’ Rights Fellowship; In Focus: Big Things Happening in Texas; Field Office Rundown; Joining the ILRC; and our 2017 Program Partners
Needless to say, the immigration law field faced unique and disturbing challenges during the first year of the new administration. The public fought back and drew a firm line to affirm their differing values. Still, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security persisted with xenophobic policies and enforcement practices. Read more about the ways we have pushed back in our 2017 Annual Report.