Alexia sits at the forefront wearing a teal blouse with a turtle neck, backdrop is a grey screen.

Alexia Seay

Development Coordinator

Alexia is a graduate of Texas State University’s School of Mass Communication and Journalism. She previously worked for a video production company as the Editing Coordinator and Lead Editor. Her love of video editing came from an immense passion to tell people’s stories and the unique ability that video has to reach so many audiences. In addition to video editing, she also has a strong background in event planning that started from her time in Girl Scouts. She was active in Girl Scouts from kindergarten until she received the Lifetime Achievement Award going into college. During that time, she organized camps and was a camp counselor for younger Scouts. 

Alexia has brought these skills to ILRC because she was inspired by her grandparents, who left their homes in Puerto Rico and Spain to pursue the American dream in order to provide for their families. Because of their courageous choice, she has been fortunate enough to thrive here in the U.S. and now wants to use her education and experience to allow everyone that same opportunity to thrive in this country. 

Her experience in video production, event planning, and copy writing, help the ILRC and the Development Department advance the mission to help immigrants and their families stay together in this country and thrive.