ILRC Condemns Efforts that the Biden Administration is Reportedly Considering Reinstating Family Detention

(Washington)—The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) condemns any efforts by the Biden administration to reinstate family detention—first reported by The New York Times on Monday, March 6. Here is a brief statement from Nithya Nathan-Pineau, ILRC policy attorney and strategist:

“Reports that the Biden administration is considering reviving the inhumane and unconscionable practice of detaining families are completely shocking. The Biden administration should be working to dismantle the immigration detention system – a system rooted in white supremacy which along with this country’s criminal legal system, works to target Black immigrants and immigrants of color for arrest and deportation. Rather than dismantling detention, Biden is considering once again expanding the system to jail families including infants and children. Family detention has been condemned by human rights activists, the child welfare community and medical experts – because it is unjust, inhumane and detrimental to the growth and survival of families. The ILRC urges the Biden administration to stand on the right side of history and reject cruel policies such as family detention and work with us to end immigration detention once and for all.”


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