The ILRC Stands With Immigrant Communities Harmed by Supreme Court’s Political Decision on Immigration Enforcement

(Washington)—Yesterday, in yet another unabashedly political decision, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to keep a Texas judge’s nationwide order blocking President Biden’s guidance for determining immigration enforcement priorities intact.   

“Make no mistake, the Supreme Court’s decision sends the clear message that an anti-immigrant judge in Texas can determine our country’s practices around immigration enforcement – completely upending our constitutional framework.  The Supreme Court’s inaction is shameful and political,” said ILRC’s policy director Sameera Hafiz. 

The ILRC calls on the Biden administration to continue to forcefully use its discretion to grant relief to immigrants facing detention and deportation.   

“This decision harms Black immigrants, low-income immigrants and immigrants of color – already targeted by our country’s immigration and detention systems.  We urge the Biden administration to stand firm against anti-immigrant judges and politicians willing to harm individuals for political gain.  This decision only brings into sharper relief the need to dismantle immigration detention and deportation completely,” said Hafiz. 

The Supreme Court said they will hear oral arguments on this case later this year. 


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