Andy Grove Immigrants' Right's Fellow - Senior Community Organizer
Sarah Lee (she/her/hers) joined the ILRC in 2022 as the Andy Grove Immigrants' Right's Fellow - Senior Community Organizer. In her role, she focuses on disentangling law enforcement from ICE alongside local and statewide coalitions. 
Sarah is the daughter of Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong, Venezuela, and Canada. For the past 10 years she has organized with students, faith, and immigrant communities on immigrant justice. Prior to the ILRC, she spearheaded local coalition work to end sheriff collaboration with ICE, led over a dozen deportation defense campaigns, and anchored the ICE out of CA coalition's campaign to pass the VISION Act (AB 937). Previously, Sarah was an organizer with the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, and a community advocate in the criminal justice reform program at Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus. 
Sarah graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Public Health.